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released August 9, 2016

All songs written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Geoffrey Ryan Franchi (BMI) with the exception of I Won't Be There ft. HazRduS, which was written, produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by Geoffrey Ryan Franchi (BMI) and HazRduS (BMI)



all rights reserved


Shortcoming King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Shortcoming is Punk Rock/Pop Punk band from King of Prussia, PA; who's music similar to such artists as Green Day, Blink 182, SUM 41, New Found Glory, Goldfinger, and many more pop punk/rock bands ranging from 90's through the early 2000's.

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Track Name: Falling Back On
/spare me the truth
/and tell me lies
/I'm following far behind

/spare me the pain
/save your honesty
/because I'm falling back on mine

/just leave me here, I'm fine
/just go
/it's alright
/eventually I'll die
/'till then I'm falling back on...

/spare me the bullshit
/I'd love to play
/I'm gonna beat you at your own game

/did you lose your self-esteem before you met me?

/just leave me here, I'm fine
/just go
/it's alright
/eventually I'll die
/'till then I'm falling back on...

/I'm giving up on time
/because it can't help me now
/I tried to do what's right
/now I'm falling back on...
Track Name: Confidence
/all wounds heal in time
/but time is money
/and I am a buck short too late
/don't make it harder on yourself
/you know it wasn't going to last forever
/don't change
/tomorrow's another day

/if it wasn't so hard
/I would have left you long ago
/since then I've grown
/if it wasn't so hard
/I would have never thought about being alone

/all wounds heal in time
/but time is something that I don't have
/I brought it on myself
/I really thought that it would last forever

/but you changed
/because we all change in time
/and nothing can stay
/but it's all for the better
/forget you anyway
/tomorrow's another day
Track Name: My Best Friend
/what a loss for me
/but what's victory without humility
/hold my own, keep my cool
/don't show augmented frustration
/it'll be okay tomorrow in school

/stab me in the back
/you say your my friend
/I'm losing track
/when will this end
/I don't need you now
/you'll do it again

/today I fight for me
/subversively assail on others without showing sympathy
/find my wit, never side
/drop all of my feelings from shameful deeds after stealing back my useless pride

/stab me in the back
/you say you're my friend
/I'm losing track
/when will this end
/I don't need you now
/you'll do it again
/you're not my best friend
Track Name: Can't Go On
/everyday is harder than the last
/can't look ahead, can't hold onto the past
/what we don't understand isn't clear
/what we can't comprehend is another thing that we fear

/and all the words I meant to say
/they came out the wrong way
/I hate this game, don't wanna play
/I think it is better this way

/I can't go on
/I can't go on living this way

/it's not just words when you mean every word you said
/I can't let everything you say go to my head
/and at times I find myself to be
/when I let things get to me, I'm my own worst enemy
Track Name: Half as Bad
/I can't find the words to say
/they're written on paper, crumpled up, and thrown away

/I don't feel half as bad as you
/and I don't wanna
/I don't feel half as bad as you
/and that won't change
/live my life
/live my own way

/you wouldn't give me the time of day
/you were hanging out with guys that I despise instead of me

/you stayed inside that night
/boarded up the windows
/shut off the lights
/years later you've changed
/I don't feel the same about you
/and if you don't want me to,
/then why is it so strange?
Track Name: Naive
/you need some time to settle matters on your mind
/you think your fine, but really you're a mess inside
/misunderstood, maybe you should break it down
/you wish you could, but it's hard enough with him around

/you must embrace what you have inside
/you have to face what you cannot hide
/you didn't realize what you had at steak,
/with all the risks you had to take

/now that he's sorry
/and you're still vulnerable to him
/open up your mind,
/and learn to take it in
/he's gonna be this way
/he's never gonna change
/he's gonna stay the same
/he's never gonna change for you
Track Name: Only Reason
/and now I realize the only reason
/is because you thought we had something
/now I see that you don't need us
/you'll just take what your future brings

/you played your life like a game of poker
/cards faced down so you can't see
/trying to bluff with your fake smile
/it never came close to fooling me

/now and then when it all ends up the same again
/you always laugh at everyone who thinks you are their friend
/if there's not reason to deny,
/why are you still telling lies?
/it's all a ride
Track Name: Shortcoming ft. HazRduS - I Won't Be There
/you kept me waiting for so long
/again you say that he's finally gone
/can't have you all to myself
/well I'll just sit around
/put my feelings back up on the shelf

/so when you're with him
/I want you to know that I don't care
/so when you want me, and you're finally ready
/I won't be there

/you kept me waiting for so long
/every step I take, you're leading me on
/I'm moving on, I wish you well
/that's right, I'm moving on
/I'm freeing myself from this hell

/you think i’d stand here while other ladies walk on by
/i saw that cutie gimme a sign and the awkward eye
/like she knew i had someone but that someone didn’t have this guy
/i’m half pissed that she didn’t try
/i woulda left in a sec, no regrets , but i guess, i forget,
ur a mess, and i check all ur threats, and ya texts,
now i best go and jet
/you’re a wreck but u rep for your rep
and ur left with ur Ex
/girl you know that we had something
/you kept me on the outside, i mean frontin
/thinking i would stick around you gotta another thing comin
/a brothers gotta keep moving why hang around for nothing
/you talk that wait a sec crap, gimme a minute
/u done had your chance lemme start at the beginning
/your illusion of winning was the only thing that kept me grinning
/now you see me now you don’t this is how i finish
Track Name: 28 Daze
/pick and choose your battles wisely
/the scars that remain will reveal the story
/an easy read autobiography
/I'm not sorry
/sticks and stones making pet names for me
/whips and chains hold me down securely
/at her will she will please or hurt me
/without warning

/no, I'm not insane I just need to be alone for awhile
/alone for a very long time
/they get the best of us all the time
/no, I'm not in pain I just need to take a break from the game
/playing was never my thing
/she go the best of me again

/she's a wreck and she's gunning for me
/that's just the tip of the iceberg forming
/read the signs and then heed this warning
/I'm still horny
/take it out on me
/scream and shout at me
/at the end of her bi-polarity
/she is fiery
/she inspires me with her ways underneath the bed sheets
Track Name: Alright
/damn right
/they'll never get to hear your side
/I've got the last word and the mic
/lets do it again
/you used me
/emotionally abused me
/you confuse me
/we're talking in circles again

/who knows what songs we will sing in time to come
/who know how tomorrow will be

/everything is gonna be alright
/just hang in a little longer
/don't give up the fight
/everything is gonna be alright
/it just takes a little time
/it's gonna be alright
Track Name: The End
/why do I open myself up
/like a book so you know what's coming up
/I better stay a mystery
/turn the page if you don't like what you read
/it could be worse, but you won't stick around to see
/I guess this means you're gonna leave

/wasting time
/pretending I'm feeling things I can't define

/I can't wait till the end
/I'll be better off tomorrow

/dyslexia in its own complexity
/has an effect on the way you look at me
/hopeless romance and failure in symmetry
/start a new chapter written in ink of green
/draw a picture that in time will stay with me
/that's sentimental and stains my memory